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After M.J. Cazabon – Naparima-Trinidad At Sea

After M.J. Cazabon

(1813 – 1888)

Naparima-Trinidad At Sea

c. 1851

ceramic potlids

4 and 4.5″”

This is known as a Pratt Ware Pot Lid, circa 1851.
They were extremely popular around mid 1800s. The scenes represented on these lids were of the Colonies; people collected these exotic images.
They are now very rare to find, let alone in splendid complete condition like this example, about 160 years old! They were made in 2 sizes.
This lid is an interpretation of the Cazabon lithograph, plate number 10; of his folio Views of Trinidad, 1851.The reason San Fernando was used to illustrate the lid, rather than Port of Spain, is that cocoa was shipped to FryÕs Chocolate House in the Uk, from San Fernando Ð the pots were used to contain FryÕs Chocolate Paste!