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Bruce Holley- bio

Bruce Holley was born in St. Ann’s, P.O.S. in 1953 and was encouraged to paint since he can remember.
He took art with the girls in the days when the curriculum dictated he should attend carpentry class with the boys.
Completing post grad studies in the U.K., he initially studied Architecture but emerged from the system with a Fine Art Degree, Majoring in Painting.
He paints because he wants to, and apart from a one man show in 2011 at the Trinidad and Tobago Art Society and a one man show in 2017 at the 101 Art Gallery, he does not exhibit his work.
His work can nevertheless be found in private collections both locally, The National Museum, in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K.

The work speaks to you or it doesn’t and it’s aim is to constantly ask questions of the viewer.


Bruce Holley 17/02/17