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Gallery Rental

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photo: © Mark N. Pereira


Rental Rates - Casual Renters

  • The Rental Rate for a single day is $1,200
    Plus $300 per day for the Gallery Administrator
  • 2  to 5 days $1,000 per day
    Plus $300 per day for the Gallery Administrator

  • 5 and more days :  $750 per day
    Plus $300 per day for Gallery Administrator

Timeline Example

(E.g. For a show booked to open on Saturday, 7 September 2019)

  1. 7 September 2018: show booked and deposit paid

  2. 7 June 2019 : selected works are photographed for the invite and catalogue cover

  3. 7 July :  The invitation and the catalogue cover, cd, images, copy, all to the graphic designer

  4. 21 July:  Graphics to printers

  5. 7 August : 500 invites and 100 catalogue covers delivered to 101 Gallery

  6. 14 August: all invites from 101, and the artist posted out

  7. 21 August: complete show photo’ed for website

  8. 4 Sept 2019:  by 6pm all works at 101 Gallery, all numbered, all catalogued

  9. 4 - 5 Sept : from 6pm : mounting,  lighting, catalogue in number order by 11am 5 Sept.

  10. 5 Sept: 11 am, price list catalogue in final number order;  meet with Corey Graham for videos and images for Instagram

  11. 5 September: noon to 6 pm previews

  12. 6 September: noon to 6pm previews

  13. 7 September 10am to 2pm opening

  14. Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday noon to 6pm; Saturday 10am to 2pm.

  15. MEET THE ARTIST Saturday 14 September, 11am – 1pm.

  16. 16 September: call buyers to collect and pay

  17. 17 September: call buyers to collect and pay

  18. 17 September: 50% balance to 101

  19. 17 September:  6 p.m. break down, put gallery to rights, remove all works.

Self- managed shows at the 101 Art Gallery

From mid 2019, Dulcie and I will be changing things at 101. Change has always been a welcomed challenge for us, and this new approach allows us to begin handing over our curatorial and management skills to artists, especially to a younger generation. Successful self-managed shows have been held by  LeRoy Clarke, Hinkson, Sundiata, Charran, Bowen, Rubadiri, Avind Ganesh and Damian Moore.

We are not stopping work, and 101 is not closing, far from it!

We wish to continue working with our existing “stable”, some of whom we have worked with for the past 30 years – since the 1980s at Aquarela Galleries. These artists are encouraged to try the self-managed shows at 101. We also hope to introduce “new” younger artists to the public – an area of development that no other gallery in Trinidad is addressing.

Below are some guidelines. This is a draft document – we welcome your comments and input.

1. Division of Responsibilities

A. The Gallery

  • Working with the artist on agreeing opening and closing dates
  • Production of a timeline
  • Production of a contract, best case: 1 year in advance.
  • Hand over of prepared clean space.
  • A Gallery attendant, on site for all mounting, opening function, and opening days, closing and hand over.
  • Overseeing:  the artist’s production of the invite, catalogue cover; the mounting, the opening function; the exhibition days.
  • Sending out some 500 hard copy invites, and some 2000 evites to our client base.
  • Use of our website for your invite and full illustrated catalogue of works on show; use of our Instagram and FB accounts for promotion.
  • Production of a contract with the artist.

B. The Artist

  • Production of and payment for the invite and catalogue cover
  • Mounting the show
  • Production of the price list catalogue
  • Opening function and costs therewith
  • Management of sales and deliveries
  • Hand over of the space in the same condition as received
  • Fees to the gallery – 50% upon booking, balance at close of show.

2. Cost for use of 101

  • The charge will be based on a number of different criteria, but as a guide: it will be about half of the total commission paid to a gallery for the artist’s most recent show.
  • The cost includes the use of the space, with a gallery attendant from mounting to final closing.

3. Management

  • The artist will manage his/her own show. We will provide guidelines for invite, press, use of website, Instagram and FB, opening, sales and deliveries. We will also be on hand, especially in the transition period, for supervision or assistance, once requested.

4. Timeline

  • See example (left) of a timeline and annual available booking dates.
    We recommend the habitual 2 week period associated with 101 Art Gallery.
    Before applying for a booking, please consult our Online Events Calendar>>

5. Sales and Deliveries

  • Management of this is the complete responsibility of the artist.
  • Cheques and cash are to the artist.
  • Our credit card machine may be used at cost,  i.e. 4%.

6. Promotional Options

  • We have several media tools available to the artist, all the responsibility for arrangements and costs to the artist:
  1. Recommended: one uses the existing 101 graphic designer for the invite and catalogue cover (Nicholas Lee Yuen)
  2. Recommended: use of our printers: Scrip J
  3. Use of the website (for the posting of the invite, the dates on 101 schedule, and the complete illustrated catalogue – all through Ilka Hilton Clarke)
  4. Instagram posts and videos, also showing on our FB (through Corey Graham)

7. Graphics and Gallery Opening Hours

  • The gallery logo, the gallery invitations, and the catalogue covers are all heavily brand associated with the 101 Art Gallery. It is our recommendation that the standard existing formats be retained, along with some info about it being a self-managed show (e.g. “This is a self managed exhibition, costs have been significantly reduced as there is no gallery commission: this saving is passed on to you, the client” )
  • Gallery Hours
    Tuesday to Friday noon - 6 p.m.
    Saturday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

8. Approvals

  • All prospective artists will be fully vetted and approved by 101 Art Gallery, to maintain the consistently high quality associated with the space. The 101 Art Gallery retains the right to decline  booking requests. The quality of work, invitations, mounting, catalogue cover, pricelist, and management will all be monitored.

9. Consignment Gallery at 101

  • The last room at the gallery is our Consignment Gallery, this space is not included for self-managed shows. In addition, once the gallery is open, this room is open to the public.